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STEM Game Races

Step One : 
Puzzle Solving

The theme is Alien Invasion and the premise is that an alien has crash-landed on Earth and needs the teams’ help to relaunch his spaceship back home. In order to gain access to the launchpad, teams of 3-5 have to work together to complete puzzles and break open locks. Each team gets one of our seriously cool escape room boxes that includes all of the fun and hands-on elements of an escape room, such as UV Flashlights, hidden messages, ciphers and locks. The goal is to solve all of the puzzles as fast as you can!

Learn more about our puzzles here!

Step Two : 
Rocket Launching

Once teams have solved all of the puzzles, they race to the Launchpad where they will find all the materials they'll need to build a rocket launcher! Through creative thinking, testing designs and working together, teams will be high-fiving in no time as they sent their rocket to Planet Zorf. This part is definitely a favorite -kids apply the same communication and critical thinking skills in a hands-on setting and it’s seriously FUN!

Learn more about our rocket launch here!

Step Three :

We wrap up the race with team pictures at our photobooth. We also offer tons of fun add-ons for teams to work on after they finish, such as building space creatures, secret code writing stations and other related art projects. We will take care of all of the details, so all you need to do is provide eager teams, space for us to play and we’ll take care of the rest!

The Details

Age Range : Customized puzzles for kids ages 3-18

Duration : Events range from 15-90 minutes

Capacity : We can have a maximum of 50 teams competing at once! Our staff members all have experience executing large events and many are current or former teachers.

What STEM Skills will we see?

  • Science - Testing variables to achieve desired results. Applying properties of force and motion.
  • Technology - Solving problems by accessing information through different modalities. Integrating technology to analyze and communicate rocket launch.
  • Engineering - Considering different ways to solve a problem and communicating your ideas to the team. Constructing a system that will achieve a desired result.
  • Math - Employing flexible mathematical thinking to solve problems. Analyzing structures and applying the properties of shapes.

Best for… in-school field trips, birthday parties, special events, STEM Family nights, community outreach events, and so much more!

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Virtual Pop-up Parties!

With all the changes happening in the world right now, there’s one thing that shouldn’t change - the opportunity to connect with each other and have FUN. It feels like no matter where you look, one thing after another is being canceled - but the joy of celebrating shouldn’t be one of those things. We want to be there to help you bring joy and wonder to it all - presenting our Virtual Pop-up Parties!

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April 22, 2020
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Event Spotlight : St. Andrews STEM Takeover

We were thrilled when the PTL at St Andrews School in Park Ridge reached out about bringing our STEM Game Races Space Escape event to their school. The only catch - the school serves students from three-year-old preschool all the way through eighth grade. How do you create an event that is fun, engaging and just the right level of challenge for everyone? Challenge accepted!

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February 4, 2020
Mary Hanna

Event Spotlight : Solorio Academy STEM Computer Science Family Night

When Solorio Academy reached out to us about having a STEM Game Races event at their first ever Computer Science Night, we couldn’t have been more excited. Solorio Academy High School is a pretty incredible place - and we were so honored to be a part of their community event! We set up our Mini Mission, where each team works through a set of challenges. These puzzles aren’t easy but the Solorio teams knew that just like their daily school work, patience, teamwork and grit would be their keys to success. 

Posted on 
December 13, 2019
STEM Game Races

Event Spotlight : KidCreate Studios

Here at STEM Game Races, the best days are the ones we get to spend with kids! We love the excitement on their faces when they solve a puzzle and the thrill when their rocket FINALLY hits the target! All of this, and so much more, happened when we teamed up with KidCreate Studio for an out of this world collaboration! 

Posted on 
November 21, 2019
STEM Game Races
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STEM Game Races Fans

Such a great experience!

“Such a great experience! Mary adapted the activities to perfectly fit the needs of my students. The kids loved it! It was very interactive and hands on, not to mention the rocket launch at the end! Definitely the fan favorite with my kids. I highly recommend STEM Game Races for any and all kids!”

- Angela R., Teacher

The kids really enjoyed it!

"I loved that there were several boxes so that multiple groups could go at the same time. I also loved that there was a "launch" so something that actually happened when they broke out!"

- Sarah D., Instructional Coach

They absolutely loved it!

They loved it and thought it was very challenging. They loved the small groups and that they could all be involved. Everything being in front of them was helpful.We would love to hear when you have a shortened version for STEMfamily nights and this would be a great addition!"

- Eden M., Teacher

Good for our brains

"It was hard but when you pushed yourself you realized you could do it!"

- Ava