We have talked to so many families over the last few days and heard the same thing - we will take all the help we can get! In light of all of this COVID-19 craziness, we know that families are looking for easy and fun activities for kids that will help to bring some structure to this uncertain time. We wouldn't be more excited to help - we're eager to keep the STEM fun going while our events take a brief hiatus.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will use this space to share a bunch of fun, interactive and easy STEM activities for families to try! In a world that feels confusing and uncertain to kids, having something consistent to look forward to can make all the difference. We will post each of these activities one at a time, just click on the images below to get a PDF or blog post filled with resources. Follow along on Instagram for daily videos of us explaining and demonstrating the activities too! You never know, our fuzzy intern, Oliver might make an appearance as well :)

Check back here each day for new activities to try at home! And we would LOVE to be able to share your hard work with other people! Tag us on Instagram (@OperationWonder) and we'll repost all the fun STEM learning in action! 

Click on the image above to access the PDF!

Check out this fun video of Newton's Third Law in action in space!

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