It is such an empowering time to be a woman in today’s world.  In March we celebrate Women’s month and as a female run business we could not be more excited! Operation Wonder was founded by Mary + Lauren, a teacher and corporate event planner - with a passion for creating engaging and fun events for kids and adults.  

Chicago is a city with such a strong and supportive female network, made up of executives, business owners, teachers, mothers and just all around rock stars.  To celebrate we thought we would start by giving a shout out to some of our favorite female run businesses here in Chi-town and give you a list of books you can share with your kids that celebrate women!

Girl boss businesses that should be celebrated this month!

WEEvents - “Working towards a more compassionate Chicago.”

Chaotic Commute - “A working mom’s guide to careers, kids, & everyday life in between.”

The Chic - “Creating honest content to elevate your spirit, strengthen your body and stimulate your mind.”

Books that celebrate Women:

Books are such a major and magical part of childhood.  Reading can help enhance a child's imagination and creative thinking.  This is why storytime sessions can be found all over Chicago and have been incorporated into school programming for youth.  Reading a book to your child is also one of the easiest activities you can do.  Here are some books that you can pick up at your local bookstore or library this month that celebrate women in so many ways.

Ada Twist Scientist 

Written by: Andrea Beaty

Inspired by real-life makers Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie, Ada Twist, Scientist empowers girls to be imaginative and go for big and different dreams.  

Using Women scientists as the example in this book, diversity, learning and questioning are all celebrated.  Ada comes to learn that her questions might not always lead to answers, but rather to more questions. She may never find the answer but the curiosity and exploring is sometimes more important and fun than that. 

When kids have the opportunity to grapple with an unknown problem, use what they already know along in conjunction with what they’ve learned, combine ideas to figure out new information and communicate their learning with each other and their community, they are showing off some seriously powerful learning and understanding!

Kids follow Ada through her journey of problem solving in a fun and engaging way sparking imagination and supporting the 4Cs of STEM in so many ways.  

Fantastically Great Women Who Made History

Written by: Kate Pankhurst

“This beautiful title looks at the stories, accomplishments and adventures of many more brilliant women from throughout history. Travel through the Underground Railroad with the brave and courageous Harriet Tubman, turn the pages of the hauntingly brilliant Frankenstein with the incredibly talented Mary Shelley and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through history with these and many other remarkable women.”

Featuring famous women in history such as:  Elizabeth Blackwell, Qiu Jin, Boudicca, Flora Drummond, Pocahontas, Noor Inayat Khan, Harriet Tubman, Valentina Tereshkova, Ada Lovelace, Sayyida al-Hurra, Hatshepsut, Josephine Baker, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley.  You and your child can be inspired by these stories and reminded of just how far women have come in the last 100 years. 

Help celebrate Women’s month by reading to your children, saying thank you to a woman in your life who has positively affected you or just do something kind for someone!

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