Winter is here and I am sure you have done every at home activity you can think of with the kids.  Maybe this week, get bundled up and get out of the house to treat your kids to a creative afternoon at one of these awesome Chicago art studios for kids. Here at STEM Game Races, we know that flexing your creative muscle is so important! From pottery wheels to paintbrushes, there is something for everyone at these venues and who knows maybe you can get your arts and crafts on as well!

Magical Minds

This is a magical place for kids to explore all things creative.  With classes and activities for kids ages 2+ there is something for the whole family here.  At STEM Game Races, we believe making creative activities available to kids is so important, that’s why we think studios such as this one are a key part of our community. 

The studio fosters intellectual, physical, social and emotional development through the child's artistic endeavors. Students work on everything from watercolor to sculpting with clay and various materials.

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Kid Create Studios

KidCreate Studio is a Chicago art studio, located along the Southport corridor in Lakeview. Owners Lindsey and Allison are always looking for fun, new, creative ways to engage their tribe of mini artists.  We recently partnered with them to create an awesome STEAM experience.  Check out our event spotlight to see all the fun that was had!  The range of experiences kids can have here will not disappoint.  

Kids Clay Room

Kids Clay Room does a wonderful job of allowing kids to work independently and feel a sense of ownership with their projects.  There is so much that can be done with clay and so many places a child’s imagination can go.  This is the perfect afternoon activity, birthday party or family outing that will be fun for everyone.  They have a variety of workshops available from handbuilding to wheel throwing, which is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

Easel Art Studio

This place is FUN!  There are so many vibrant projects that come out of Easel Art Studio.  You can really tell they really take time to come up with projects that are engaging, creative and fun for kids.  Also they are flexible with their Classpass system that allows kids to come when their schedule allows but also have sessions you can enroll in as well.  They offer classes where kids work together in teams to complete projects, which is such an important skill!

Seventh Green Circle

The programming at this art studio takes the show on the road - literally! Classes and summer camps are run throughout the city, using the beauty of the world around as inspiration. Nature, curiosity and exploration provide the foundation of all the programming, with fun additions like cooking classes and STEM events. Seventh Green Circle even offers classes that will come to your school! 

Feeling inspired by all of this art fun? Check out some creative DIY activities you can do at home with your kids here or join us at an upcoming event!

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