When Solorio Academy reached out to us about having a STEM Game Races event at their first ever Computer Science Night, we couldn’t have been more excited. Solorio Academy High School is a pretty incredible place - it’s ranked in the Top 20 High Schools in Chicago and provides its students with the most amazing opportunities, such as college-level coursework in the STEM fields, networking with Fortune 500 companies and so much more. We were so honored to be a part of their community event!

We set up our Mini Mission, which means four teams get to race at the same time. Each team works through a set of challenges, which included breaking codes, solving math riddles, and using water-activating ink to find a secret message. Each challenge provides a clue for the next part and the grand finale comes when your team successful unlocks the Launch code and the alien can be sent home! These puzzles aren’t easy but the Solorio teams knew that just like their daily school work, patience, teamwork and grit would be their keys to success. 

STEM Game Races Materials


Once the boxes were set up and the finish line ready to go, it was time for the teams to get to work! Teams of 2-6 worked at each station and the teams consisted of friends, classmates, parents and younger students from neighboring elementary schools. No matter who was on their team, it was important to focus on sharing your thinking and listening to the ideas of others in order to be successful.

Teams worked on STEM Game Races programs
Kids and Families work on STEM Escape Room Activities

Over the course of the 90 minute event, we had a record 27 teams compete and make it to the finish line! The finish line was transformed into a photobooth with tons of fun signs, Mission Accomplished stickers and amazing props. (Check out the highlights on our Instagram for more finish line photos and even more behind the scenes pics!)

To say that the energy in the room was electric would be an understatement! Teams were cheering, high fiving and we even had a few impromptu dance parties. A few groups even asked if they could race again - although we agreed that it’s way less fun if you already know all of the secrets :) But we will take the compliment and work on creating something even more incredible for you next year!

Our Mini Missions are the perfect addition to your STEM Family nights because they are engaging, high energy and give everyone a chance to get involved. We love being a part of your school communities and seeing the amazing ways you are transforming teaching and learning for our kids.  Thanks for having us, Solorio! We can’t wait to launch again with you soon!

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