Here are STEM Game Races, we know how to combine hard work, creativity and fun into a one-of-a-kind event. But how does all the magic happen? Meet the SGR Team!

STEM Game Races - Mary

Hi, I’m Mary! I live in Logan Square in Chicago with my husband James and our adorable fur son, Oliver. I was an elementary school teacher for the last nine years and I absolutely LOVE helping kids learn, grow, and explore, while having fun along the way. Planning amazing events has always been one of my passions, so working as the Director of Operations for Escape Room Races (our awesome sister company for adults!) is a natural fit. More than anything else, I love being able to connect with people in Chicago as we make awesome memories together during our STEM programs. 

STEM Game Races - Ten Questions

I went to … the University of Illinois, and I majored in Elementary Education. I went to grad school at National Louis and focused on making learning accessible for all students, especially English Language Learners. This definitely comes in handy as we develop new STEM program concepts so that it’s the right fit for everyone!

If I could have any job in the world it would be … to open my own restaurant! I love cooking and entertaining so it would probably be a restaurant with lots of delicious food and some STEM activities for kids to do while their parents eat :)

My favorite part of living in Chicago is… summer time! We love to explore the city on long walks, hang out at our favorite patio and even take Ollie for a splash at the dog beach! 

If I had to choose my favorite ice cream flavor it would definitely be … anything with salted caramel. Bonus points if it comes in a waffle cone.

If you had to choose, would you pick pizza or tacos? Tough choice but I think I’d have to go with tacos. There are so many different combinations to try!

My all-time favorite book is … a tie :) My favorite picture book is What Would You Do with an Idea? because it challenges the reader to take risks, try something new and work hard to achieve your dreams. My favorite chapter book is definitely Tale of Desperaux - the adventures in the story are amazing for your imagination and the characters stay true to what they believe in order to solve their problems. It’s also really fun to read out loud with all the crazy voices!

My favorite grade in school was … third grade. I taught third grade for eight years and it was the BEST! What I love most about third graders is that they are curious, excited and not afraid of a challenge. When I was in third grade, I remember that we made something called oobleck - which was just about the coolest thing ever. I was so interested to learn how it worked and I was hooked - STEM fan for life! (P.S. Keep an eye out in our January newsletter for more about oobleck!)

My favorite STEM Challenge … is our Space Escape Mini Mission because it has a few tricky parts that always stump people. I love when families work together to figure out the challenge and the high fives that happen at the finish line!

The best part of a STEM Game Races event … is hands down the teamwork. Seeing kids work together, think creatively and problem solve in new ways is seriously amazing. I love the excitement that comes when teams solve a puzzle that they didn’t think they could solve - teamwork makes the dream work in action!

When I’m not making awesome new STEM events, I’m probably … hanging out with my sisters (they’re the best STEM game testers on the planet!), planning a trip with my husband or dreaming about our next STEM adventure.

Thanks for taking a peek behind the scenes with us at STEM Game Races! We can’t wait to see you at our next event! 

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