Event Spotlight - STEM Game Races Birthday Party

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We always get excited when we have the opportunity to create a STEM-focused event - it’s basically our favorite thing ever. But what makes it extra special is when we get to bring our events to celebrate a birthday! There are so many different birthday party ideas for kids, that it can be overwhelming, to say the least. We know that parents have a million things on their plate and the last thing you want to do is plan a DIY STEM birthday party. That’s where we come in :)

We were so fortunate to work with Sophia and her mom Mary to create an amazing Halloween-meets-STEM Game Races party for Sophia’s 9th birthday last October. Mary shared with us that Sophia loves to think creatively and solve puzzles, so we knew our Space Escape event was going to be the perfect birthday party idea.

To get started, each of the girls found their spot on their team’s table and they grabbed their awesome team name tags. We went over the rules, did a quick countdown and blasted off into the world of puzzles! With music pumping in the background, the teams got right to work and they were cracking codes and opening locks in no time.


The number of high fives, cheers and screams of “YES!” was too many to count - the energy in the room was amazing! Even during brief moments of frustration, the teams encouraged each other with a team chat of “you can do it!” or “keep trying!” to make sure that no one was left behind.

It wasn’t long until the first team had reached the final stage and were ready to gain access to the launchpad! We were lucky enough to be able to launch outside and it was a beautiful day! As the teams made their way to the launchpad, they began to come up with a plan for their launcher. It took a few trial and errors but each team was able to successfully launch their rocket! We found that some teams kept their designs simple, with only a few materials, while others experimented with more complex systems. It’s amazing to see teams share ideas with each other, make modifications based on their observations and celebrate their successes.

Of course, we had to finish the event with our photo booth, where teams posed with Mission Accomplished signs and custom signs created just for Sophia’s 9th birthday. The first place team walked away with our signature STEM Game Races thumbs up trophies, but based on the energy in the room and the smiles on everyone’s faces, we think it’s safe to say that Operation Space Escape was a total success!

A huge thank you to Sophia’s family for asking us to be part of her special day! We loved racing with you and your friends. Looking for more information about our STEM Birthday parties? We have partnered with venues across Chicago and the suburbs so we can host our STEM Game Races parties near YOU. Contact us today to learn more!

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