Here at STEM Game Races, the best days are the ones we get to spend with kids! We love the excitement on their faces when they solve a puzzle and the thrill when their rocket FINALLY hits the target! All of this, and so much more, happened when we teamed up with KidCreate Studio for an out of this world collaboration.

KidCreate Studio is a Chicago art studio, located along the Southport corridor in Lakeview. Owners Lindsey and Allison are always looking for fun, new, creative ways to engage their tribe of mini artists, and our Space Escape event was a perfect fit!

After a quick intro, where this group of 4-7 years olds wowed us with their understanding of teamwork, they were off! Teams of 2-4 worked together to crack emoji-codes and use UV flashlights to find hidden messages from the aliens. These puzzles were far from easy, but these teams didn’t give up!

Once the final code was broken, it was time to move on to the launchpad. Arguably the best part of any event, these teams dove right into the materials and put their STEM skills to the test. It’s amazing to see the creativity and problem solving skills for kids as young as four years old! After some trial and error, all of the teams hit their target and prompt celebrated with high-fives, lots of clapping and a mini-dance party :)

The best part of a collaboration event, is that the fun doesn’t stop there! Lindsey worked with the kids to make galactic slime straight from Planet Zorf as we chatted about the liquid’s viscosity, or the stickiness of the slime. Afterwards, everyone was able to design and paint their own clay rocket ship with Allison! Adding glow in the dark paint was the perfect way to end this Space-tacular day.

We love working with local small businesses to make one-of-a-kind events. Thanks KidCreate studios, we can’t wait for our next Launch!


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