Holiday season is upon us!  Finding gifts for your kids and your extended family can be fun at the start but quickly becomes overwhelming and expensive!  Don’t buy gifts that will be in the garbage in two weeks time, buy something interactive and educational that will keep kids attention.  We have done the hard work for you - here are 6 STEM based toys that kids will love this holiday season!

HUE | Animation Studio

OK I kind of want one of these for myself.  I mean toys have come so far since my sand art days!  HUE Animation Studio has really outdone themselves.  I could see kids ages 3+ loving this and at under $60 it is for sure a worthwhile purchase.  Kids of all ages can make a variety of animations using mediums such as clay, legos and tons more.  The whole family can have fun with this one.


ThinkFun | Gravity Maze

Well this is basically Kerplunk on a whole new level.  This gender neutral toy is a great buy for kids 8+.  This uses brain and logic games to help kids build critical thinking skills while having fun, of course. It contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles.  It is a STEM based activity that kids will love.

ETI Toys | 505 Piece Mosaic Puzzle

Oh the challenges of kids and puzzles.  Inevitably a piece goes missing which is accompanied by a meltdown and you on your hands and knees looking under every piece of furniture to find it.  With this mosaic puzzle set - there is never a missing piece!!  Kids use their imagination to create their own pictures or follow the templates given.  Perfect for ages 3-5 this offers hours of stress free entertainment.

ETI Toys | Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks

ETI Toys has done it again. This toy challenges kids to build things like trucks, transformers, robots and helicopters with their 101-piece set.  For $29.97 you can’t complain.  There are endless opportunities for kids to learn science and engineering methods with this construction kit.

STEM Toys for Toddlers | Take Apart Toys

When you kid asks how does this work, you can actually take this toy apart and find out!  Then have fun putting it back together with the included tools needed.  Not to worry this isn’t as complicated as an IKEA purchase, this is perfect for kids 3+.  

ROBOTIME | DIY Mini Wooden Green House 

Talk about another present I want for myself this year!  Kids can construct their own greenhouse complete with LED lights!  Made with eco-friendly materials, this greenhouse teaches kids about construction, engineering and planet Earth.  Best for kids ages 14 and up.



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