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STEM Game Races : Academic

We currently offer two types of academic events - the Space Escape and the Mini Mission.

Space Escape

The Space Escape event is designed for groups of kids between ages 5-18 and runs for one hour, with a maximum of 500 kids at once. The theme is Alien Invasion and the premise is that an alien has crash-landed on Earth and needs your help to relaunch his spaceship back home. In order to gain access to the launchpad, teams have to work together to complete STEM-based logic puzzles to answer three big questions. The best part comes at the finale, when teams work together to build a rocket launcher to send the alien's spacecraft back home. The rocket launcher portion of the experience asks kids apply the same communication and critical thinking skills in a hands-on setting - this part is definitely a favorite!

Mini Mission

The Mini Mission event is designed for mixed age groups and is ideal for STEM Family Nights. This experience takes 15-20 minutes a team and up to 50 teams can be playing at once - with teams rotating in and out throughout the duration of the event. In the Mini Mission, teams work through a shorter (but no less awesome!) version of our Space Escape event. Teams solve puzzles to unlock the alien’s rocket so they can send him back to his home planet. Once the rocket has been recovered, they must construct a rocket launcher that meets all the criteria necessary to send the alien back to outer space!

Wondering what skills you’ll see?

Each multi-step question requires players to think critically and strategically, communicate with each other and persevere. Problems use STEM concepts, along with cool tools like UV lights, water activated ink, blocks and more!

Science - Testing variables to achieve desired results. Applying properties of force and motion.

Technology - Solving problems by accessing information through different modalities. Integrating technology to analyze and communicate rocket launch.

Engineering - Considering different ways to solve a problem and communicating your ideas to the team. Constructing a system that will achieve a desired result.

Math - Employing flexible mathematical thinking to solve problems. Analyzing structures and applying the properties of shapes.

And the best part? There is absolutely no prep for you! We take care of everything. No printing, cutting or setting locks - leave all the details to us!

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STEM Game Races Clients

Such a great experience!

“Such a great experience! Mary adapted the activities to perfectly fit the needs of my students. The kids loved it! It was very interactive and hands on, not to mention the rocket launch at the end! Definitely the fan favorite with my kids. I highly recommend STEM Game Races for any and all kids!”

- Angela R., Teacher

The kids really enjoyed it!

"I loved that there were several boxes so that multiple groups could go at the same time. I also loved that there was a "launch" so something that actually happened when they broke out!"

- Sarah D., Instructional Coach

They absolutely loved it!

They loved it and thought it was very challenging. They loved the small groups and that they could all be involved. Everything being in front of them was helpful.We would love to hear when you have a shortened version for STEMfamily nights and this would be a great addition!"

- Eden M., Teacher

Good for our brains

"It was hard but when you pushed yourself you realized you could do it!"

- Ava